Step Up Against Bullying

Step Up Against Bullying

Bullying is repeated intentional physical or verbal aggression meant to harm and humiliate someone. It involves an imbalance of power by people who have more influence or those who just want to make someone else feel helpless.

Though bullying can occur in school, at home and even in the workplace; the recent growth of access to social media has also introduced another channel for bullying: cyber-bullying and has further highlighted the depth of the subject at different levels and in different forms. The face of bullying has also changed to what we knew as conventional, with the advent of social media, high-pressure environments and absentee parents. This has led to a mental health crisis with rising rates of depression, anxiety and suicides across the board.

As the World Day of Bullying Prevention (October 7th) approaches, we at Rosslyn Riviera Mall acknowledge that bullying is slowly morphing into an unrecognizable social crisis, and are calling on our friends, neighbours and kindred spirits to join us as we take up the challenge to “step up against bullying”. 

On Saturday 5th October, join us for breakfast at News Café with Stakeholders and guests to unpack bullying, listen and share ideas on how each one of us can play a roll in stepping up against bullying.

Moderated by Pinky Ghelani


  • Njugush – Comedian
  • Dr. Rashnik Ghalay, Paediatrician 
  • Ellyanne, Student, Peponi School
  • Lynda Nyangweso, Kiss FM Media Personality 

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