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Dance Centre Kenya

Set up in January of 2015, Dance Centre Kenya has grown to become Kenya’s preeminent dance school with over 500 students taking classes in the 3 main DCK studios and approximately 200 more taking DCK taught classes in their schools.

From small beginnings; established by a few families of talented dancers, who wished to advance their children’s training the Plumbes, Shaws, and Vaderas came together to establish a new school of dance in Nairobi.  With very different backgrounds and professions these families quickly became unified under the prospect of bringing an international level of training to the children of Kenya.  Professional American ballerina Cooper Rust was brought on board as Artistic Director, and so, Dance Centre Kenya was born.

Since then the number of students has grown beyond all our imaginings and the range and styles of dance classes offered has expanded beyond measure. DCK is becoming known for its spectacular performances and the  Christmas Nutcracker is an annual feature on the Nairobi social  calendar.

From the beginning, there has been a commitment to reaching into the Kenyan community and finding talented students, irrespective of their ability to pay for this training.  DCK’s sponsorship program in conjunction with Artists for Africa already affects the lives of many future dancers from disadvantaged backgrounds . Some are now in full time dance training programs abroad, every year a number of children travel to the US to train in South Carolina and others are afforded the opportunity to continue their schooling while training with DCK.

With a training program based on the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus and annual examinations, and multiple performance opportunities DCK provides aspiring dancers with so much more than just technical training.